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Strengthen your financial future with Space Algo

Our algorithm uses the best trading strategies to generate reliable signals and ensure your success.

Space Algo: a guarantee of quality

We at Space Algo offer you clear and reliable signals and we always stand by them.

No Redraw

Space Algo ensures that once a candle is closed – and a candlestick chart is formed – the Bull or Bear signal remains indefinitely visible.

Customizable strategy

Space Algo easily adapts to your needs, whether you need a tool to invest Crypto or Forex. Choose your preferred trading strategy and tailor the sensitivity of the signals to your needs in just a few clicks!

Real-time alerts

Receive the Bull and Bear alerts in real time wherever you are, directly on your laptop, tablet or cell phone.

The game changing trading algorithm : The Space Algo Suite

Our feature-rich algorithm is composed of 5 powerful indicators all designed to help you generate as much profit as possible!

Harmonic Patterns Foresighter

Generates all the existing harmonic patterns. The patterns are based on Pivot Points, themselves derived from the Fibonacci levels. Their exit points are extremely precise.


This precise indicator detects divergences right to 1 candle! It predicts impending trend changes, and you can spot the overbought and oversold areas with its red and blue lines.


Oscillator based on 5 lines, each relying on its own strategy. Combined with the Bull & Bear indicator, allows you to identify the uptrend, downtrend, and neutral/range areas.

Bull & Bear

This indicator generates powerful Buy (Bull) and Sell (Bear) signals and allows you to clearly visualize and follow them on the chart. Never miss a winning trade!

Supports & Resistances

This is a 4-in-1 indicator will satisfy your highest trading needs. It lets you choose among 4 types of pivots : Standard Pivots, Fibonacci Pivots, Reactive Pivots and Trending lines.

Unmatched performance on any device

Whether you are a SEASONED TRADER or JUST GETTING STARTED in trading, Space Algo is sure to meet your requirements wherever you go.

Lifetime access, no subscription required : pay once, enjoy forever !

Buy now our algorithm composed of 5 indicators with frequent updates, all for an unbeatable price !

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Our subscription offers

Take advantage now of our algorithm composed of 6 indicators with their frequent updates at an unbeatable price!

1 month

Standard Price
  • VIP access to our Discord
  • Our 6 premium indicators
  • Technical support 7 days a week
  • Activation within 24 hours
  • Real-time alerts

6 months

32$ / month
Save 17%
  • VIP access to our Discord
  • Our 6 premium indicators
  • Technical support 7 days a week
  • Activation within 24 hours
  • Real-time alerts

1 year

27$ / month
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  • VIP access to our Discord
  • Our 6 premium indicators
  • Technical support 7 days a week
  • Activation within 24 hours
  • Real-time alerts

Reviews from our community:

Solidify your financial future now.

  Paying in crypto ? Enjoy a 3% additional discount !  

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Still have questions or second thoughts?

Yes, a free account on TradingView is enough to be able to use the Space Algo suite (3 indicators maximum at the same time).

A Space Algo signal is confirmed when a candle closes. Once a candle has closed, the signal remains permanently confirmed.

The customization options – both visual and practical – of the algorithm are explained in more details in the thorough documentation available here.

When you purchase Space Algo, you receive the complete Space Algo suite, which includes not only the Space Algo indicator but also an oscillator, a heatmap as well as our own powerful harmonic patterns indicator.
All the features included in the Space Algo suite are detailed at length in the documentation provided here.

Yes. Purchasing the Space Algo suite grants you access to a lifetime license that also includes frequent updates.

We accept payment by credit card or cryptocurrency. For this latter method of payment, you must indicate your Transaction ID or TXID – which you will find the history of your crypto wallet. Without it we will be unable to process your order.

The maximum activation delay is 24h (business days only).

No. We are confident that the product we offer is reliable and qualitative and thus don’t offer neither a free trial version nor a trial period.
We invite you to read the comprehensive documentation available here to help you appreciate the full potential of the Space Algo suite.

You can find the activation process detailed in a step-by-step explanation complete with screenshots in the documentation available here.

No. When we push an update on an indicator, the last version of it will not be automatically available to you. To enjoy the updated version of an indicator, you must click on ‘remove’ from the chart, then go to ‘invitation-only scripts’ where you need to select the indicator again.

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