Space Algo



Due to the electronic nature of our products on this website, we reserve the right to refuse your right to any credit or refund – whatever the reason given by the buyer might be. Every sale is considered final and as such provides no grounds for any compensation to the consumer.


If, exceptionally, human error on the part of the buyer was made when filling the form and typing their information, the possibility to send a new invitation link to that same buyer to their correct TradingView account, provided that the first link sent was not activated, shall be considered by Space Algo. The final decision to proceed to an exchange is always and in any case left to our discretion only.


For an exchange request to be considered by Space Algo, you must contact us by e-mail at contact@spacealgo.com. We reserve the right to discard your request entirely if you provided incorrect information  – invalid billing information or false personal information such as your name and surname – when first placing your order.