Space Algo

Space Algo Suite

  • Generation of Harmonic Patterns Based on Fibonacci: This tool generates all possible harmonic patterns using reversal points derived from Fibonacci levels. It ensures precise exit points for your trades.
  • Accurate Divergence Detection and Trend Prediction: Equipped with remarkable precision, this tool detects divergences with accuracy up to 1 candle, thereby predicting imminent trend changes. The colored bands provide clear indications of overbought and oversold zones.
  • Oscillator Based on 5 Lines with Distinct Strategies: Comprising 5 lines, each with its own strategy, this oscillator combined with the Bull & Bear indicator helps identify bullish, bearish, or neutral zones in the market.
  • Generation of Powerful Buy and Sell Signals: This tool generates powerful buy (Bull) and sell (Bear) signals, allowing you to clearly track trading opportunities on the chart and never miss a winning trade.
  • 4-in-1 Supports & Resistances Indicator for All Your Trading Needs: This tool caters to all your trading needs by offering 4 different types of pivots: standard pivots, Fibonacci pivots, reactive pivots, and Trending lines.